Hi! I’m Caitlin Emily Anne.

I’m a  hairstylist, currently working in Rockford, IL. I’m also a retail banker and a chapter advisor for my sorority.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in business management, traveled the country for a year (as a job!) and then fulfilled my dream of getting a cosmetology license. Now I’m chasing that dream and trying my best to make cosmetology my career. In the meantime, I’m working two jobs and figuring out how to be an adult.

I believe beauty isn’t the same for everyone. Your best beautiful comes from being yourself and doing what feels right for you. You can be glamorous with any budget and schedule. And I strongly believe in retail therapy.

Flamingo is my spirit animal and I love coffee.


I started CaitlinCosmetologist as a hashtag to help promote my cosmetology career. Social media accounts and a WordPress page soon followed as I realized I enjoyed blogging, too. A Facebook page was eventually added into the mix to help tie it all together.

The goal of CC is relatable, everyday experiences of beauty, life and style. I hope that by sharing my story I can inspire you, help you find your best beautiful and hopefully make you laugh, too.

I’m having so much fun on this CC journey.

Thank you for your support, I greatly appreciate you! 🙂