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About Caitlin Cosmetologist

ย Although it started out as my hairstylist portfolio on Instagram, Caitlin Cosmetologist has become a way to combine my passions of all things beauty, wellness and personal development. Here you will find affordable beauty and style tips and tricks. I also share a lot of cosmetology knowledge and my everyday experiences as a busy twenty-something.

About Caitlin

I’m Caitlin Emily Anne, the woman behind Caitlin Cosmetologist. I’m a banker andย licensed cosmetologist living in Illinois. Since graduating college and cosmetology school, I have dedicated a lot of time to helping collegiate women grow into leaders. I support retail therapy, flamingos are my spirit animal andย I’m caffeine obsessed.

I hope to inspire womenย to achieve their best beautiful!

I believe your best beautiful comes from being yourself and doing what feels right for you. I also believe that you can be glamorous with any budget and any schedule.

Thank you so much for reading! I greatly appreciate your support!